Adrian Sutherland

Adrian’s lyrical explorations are of his First Nations’ identity. He hails from the northern Ontario community of Attawapiskat and draws upon his experiences in his songs.

“Some of the music is about who I am and where I come from,” he explains. “I’ve always wanted to share some of my background and beliefs through the platform of music. Everybody has a story and I think it’s important for First Nations people to shed positive light on our culture and values.”

In addition to making contemporary rock music, Sutherland sings in a traditional drum group, takes part in ceremonies, and is a genuine example of someone who lives and pays homage to his culture. He cares about his people of the north, figuratively as well as literally, through his work as a paramedic, his job as Chief Executive Officer for economic development in his community, and as a father and grandfather. He is proud of who he is, and where he comes from.

Adrian was nominated for a 2016 Premier’s Award from Colleges Ontario, for the work he does in his home community of Attawapiskat.