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Adrian Sutherland & Midnight Shine promo-sheet: Adrian Sutherland & Midnight Shine

Adrian Sutherland promo-sheet: Adrian Sutherland


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“Sutherland’s lyrics dance between truthfully portraying the hardship of northern life and celebrating that there’s nowhere else he’d rather be… He doesn’t diminish the ongoing crisis in Attawapiskat, but he wants to let some light into the picture.” — Nick Patch, Toronto Star  

“The band’s confidence has exploded. Their sound is Canada’s Northern roots married to a James Bay soundscape… a band on the rise, no doubt…” — Timmins Daily Press

“Their sound has an undeniable air of accessibility that, while reflecting its members’ roots, fits comfortably between the hooks of Train and Matchbox Twenty.” — David Friend, The Canadian Press 

“Last year’s self-title album established First Nations’ rock band Midnight Shine as a group with real potential… realized on their second album Northern Man.” — Kerry Doole,

First Nations rock band Midnight Shine impressed with their recently-released self-titled album. It’s an eclectic record, and one of its most radio-friendly cuts Since You Been Gone mixes acoustic and electric guitar stylings effectively, and showcases the authoritative vocal and songwriting style of main man Adrian Sutherland.” — Kerry Doole,

“From the soaring-yet-bluesy opening track James Bay onwards, it’s clear that Sutherland’s upbringing in Attawapiskat is central to the band’s identity and sound.” — Jeremy East, The Nation 

“Adrian Sutherland has a great voice and the band is very tight musically. It is great to see some positive news come out of Attawapiskat… Adrian is proof that strong connections to our traditions and culture produce positive results.” — Xavier Kataquapit,