Sister Love: New Single By Midnight Shine

March 9, 2017

Midnight Shine is proud to announce the release of Sister Love – a beautiful and meaningful new single coming out March 13.

The song holds special meaning for Midnight Shine’s frontman Adrian Sutherland, and he describes Sister Love this way: “It’s about trying to free yourself from the burdens and struggles we sometimes have to carry. Some of us get stuck in a hard place, and when we do, it would be nice to go back to those days when life was good, and more simple. In our thoughts we can go there, and be in that place again, even just for a brief moment. That’s what the song means to me.”

Also special to Adrian is the fact he co-wrote Sister Love with his own sister Iris Sutherland: “The idea for this song was inspired by a poem my sister wrote. We made some changes to the lyrics to make it fit into a song structure, and I came up with the melody. We put it all together, and that’s how Sister Love came to be.” 

Sister Love was recorded in September at Jukasa Recording Studios in Ohsweken, Ontario – engineered on a sound board that once lived in Abbey Road Studios in London. The single also represents Adrian’s first crack at producing his own music, along with guidance from co-producer and sound engineer Darren Magierowski, head technician at Jukasa.

“Working with Adrian and Midnight Shine was a great experience, and the song Sister Love truly became a labour of love for everyone involved. We’re happy to be part of it, and wish it much success. It’s a great song,” says Darren. Sister Love was completed at João Carvalho Mastering in Toronto.

The picture chosen for the release of the single also holds special meaning to Adrian. It was photographed by his wife Judy last August, along the shore of the Attawapiskat River in Northern Ontario. Their daughter Aryn is the girl in the photo, looking out over the waters, perhaps reflecting on something meaningful to her. The moment captured by Judy in the photograph is poignant and powerful. To Adrian, it’s the perfect image to represent a meaningful song like Sister Love

Finally, it took the right graphic designer to take the photograph, some information, and the feel of the song, and tie it all together. Erica Daniels from Kejic Productions in Winnipeg rose to this challenge, utilizing her sensibility as a graphic designer, photographer, videographer and storyteller, to create a compelling piece of artwork the band is very proud to share.

Sister Love will be released to radio and digital distribution sites, and made available for online streaming, starting March 13. Stay tuned! #SisterLove