Rave Reviews for New Album

March 19, 2018

Fans are loving Midnight Shine’s new album High Road, and so are media. Of particular interest is the lead single — an exceptional cover of Neil Young’s Heart of Gold. Midnight Shine’s version brings a timely new sound to this timeless classic, and is distinctly different, yet honours the heart and soul of the original. It was produced by Midnight Shine, along with John-Angus MacDonald (The Trews). FUN FACT: Listen for Chris Gormley from Big Sugar on drums!

Here are some early reviews of Heart of Gold:

“Quite a fascinating version of Neil’s song. Love the First Nations’ feel of it. Very cool…” — John Einarson, Neil Young Biographer & Music Historian

“In a bold choice, the band pays tribute to one of Canada’s greatest songwriters and folk music’s greatest innovators, Neil Young. Their cover of his 1972 hit, “Heart Of Gold”, is stunning and not only links the group to the folk roots of rock and roll but also highlights the group’s Indigenous heritage through the vocal styling and with the final verse being translated into Mushkegowuk Cree. The track is not only a definite highlight among High Road, but also holds up to the original…” — Gerrod Harris, Canadianbeats.ca

“Putting a fresh spin on a classic is a tough task, but James Bay-area Indigenous roots-rockers Midnight Shine manages to do just that. The familiar strummed guitar intro is accompanied by wailing Indigenous vocals that grab your attention instantly… Adrian Sutherland delivers a heartfelt and convincing vocal performance, and a section of the tune is sung in his Cree language. We reckon Neil would approve.” — Kerry Doole, FYI Music News

“Anytime you take a popular song and make it your own it’s a risk. In this case Adrian, with permission from Young’s publisher, included cuts of powwow singing, and the last verse of “Heart of Gold” was translated into Mushkegowuk Cree. The result is incredible. Midnight Shine’s “Heart of Gold” has breathed new life into a classic song…” — Hendrik Pape, Soundcheck Entertainment